Around the World in 80 Days (short summary)


Jules Verneís classic ĎAround the world in 80 daysí deals with an arrogant young Englishman, Phileas Fogg, risks his entire fortune on a bet that he can travel Around the World in 80 Days.

With his trusty companion, Passepartout, the pair travel by train and ship, on camels and elephants, in hot air balloons and on rafts.

They visit exotic places, rescue an Indian Princess, cross rivers and deserts, all while being chased by the bumbling Scotland Yard Inspector Fix who believes them to be infamous bank robbers.

During the journey, Phileas Fogg comes to realize that, indeed, people are all linked, and that what distinguishes us is our souls, our spirits and our compassion, and that within each of us is the possibility for a fantastic voyage.

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